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“Glamping” – a charming and
glamorous camping experience

You can spend your time enjoying yourself to the
fullest because you don’t have to pitch a tent as
when you usually camp. Enjoy the comforts of a
hotel-like tent and camp-like activities.

[ Activities ]

12pm to 5pm

“Hoshigami no Mori” is a glamping site located in an area known to be a power spot about an hour’s drive from the center of Nagoya City. In the surrounding area, you can enjoy various sightseeing spots such as Magomejuku, an old post town, and Tsutechikyo Gorge as well as Hoshigami Park. In the facility grounds, you can ride a mini-jeep around a set course. In addition, adults can ride an electric scooter to Hoshigami Park for fun. Electric scooter rental: 2,200 yen for 90 minutes

*Canceled in case of rain.
*Electric scooters are not available for rent in the facility.

[ Check-in ]

from 3:00 pm

After leaving your luggage in the tent, we recommend that you pop off and go sightseeing or sweat it out in the attached sauna or outdoor bath. Since the sauna is set up outdoors, you can experience a real outdoor sauna, which you cannot experience in ordinary saunas. An open-air bath is also available next to the sauna. If you do not like saunas, you can relax there instead.

Sauna: 4,400 yen for 70 minutes, open-air bath: 4,400 yen for 70 minutes Last reservation time: 9:00 p.m. – 10:10 p.m. Shampoo/conditioner/body soap provided.

[ Barbecue ]

from 5:00 pm

Everything you need for a barbecue, from grills and tableware to ingredients, is provided at Hoshigami no Mori. Food for the barbecue is available at the Hoshi no Cafe next to the front desk. Please enjoy the luxury of locally produced, sustainable fresh ingredients. We offer a variety of foods such as Hida beef and Ena chicken, which are famous in Gifu Prefecture. All drinks served at Hoshi no Cafe, including alcoholic beverages, are free of charge. We also offer Gifu Prefecture’s local sake, which is highly recommended for those who like to drink.

BBQ: 5pm – 9pm
Soft drinks: 3pm – 10pm
Alcohol: 5pm – 10pm

[ Live music ]

from around 18:00

We offer live music to accompany your meal. You can jump in and sing or play on stage too. We also accept surprise birthday songs!

[ Camp Fire ]

from around 20:00

“Star Square” in the lower section of the Hoshigami Forest offers campfires. Each lounge has swing chairs so you can relax and enjoy the campfire. We also recommend bringing your own drinks and snacks to share at the campfire with others in your group. Fireworks are also a great way to enjoy the campfire.

*Canceled in case of rain.
*Canceled in case of rain.

[ Shower ]

around 21:00

Wash off the day’s fatigue in the showers provided in each cottage. Drinks are available until 10:00 pm, so you can enjoy star gazing with a drink in hand after your shower. A great retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

[ Unwind ]

around 22:00

Take this time to relax in a beautiful room with a cup of coffee. A planetarium and bluetooth speakers are provided for you to create an exceptional atmosphere and space different from everyday life.

[ Bed-time ]

around 23:00

Let both your mind and body be fully restored to health in the pitch-dark and silence. With no cars passing by at all, you can experience a sleep that is distinctly different from usual.


*If you are in sales, please contact us by email. Telephone sales are not accepted.

Safety Measures Against Infectious
Disease Caused by the Covid-19

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