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Frequently Asked

Here are some frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers.
You can check here for any questions you may have.

【About the facility in general】

Can I use the open-air bath and sauna on a day trip?

Sorry, no. This is an option for overnight guests only.

Can I bring my pet?

We do not allow pets.

Is smoking allowed?

There is a smoking area. Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area.

Can I stay during a typhoon or rainstorm?

We reserve the right to close the hotel on an emergency basis during stormy weather conditions caused by typhoons, rain storms, or large low pressure systems when the safety of our guests cannot be ensured. We will respond to such emergencies on a case-by-case basis.

Can I go shopping after check-in?

You are free to come and go as you please. Please drive very slowly in the facility.

Is there a restroom available?

There is a one on each deck and a shared one at the front desk.

Is there a shower room or bathroom attached to the facility?

Each deck has a private shower room, so you can use it whenever you like. There is also a sauna, open-air bath, and indoor bath. It is available for 4,400 yen (tax included) for 70 minutes per group.

Do you have nightwear available?

Yes, you can borrow them at the front desk.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in is from 3:00 pm. We ask that you check-in by 7:00 pm. Check-out time is by 11:00 am.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes, all rooms are equipped with it.

Is there anything I should bring?

We recommend that you bring sneakers and socks, as the paths are basically dirt. It would also be a good idea to bring bug spray, sunscreen, and warm clothing.

Can fireworks be displayed in the facility?

You may use handheld fireworks in designated areas until 11pm. We ask for your cooperation so as not to disturb other guests.

Is there parking available? Is it free?

There is a check-in parking lot next to the front desk and a guest parking lot next to each deck. The parking fee for one car is included in the room rate, but the fee for the second and subsequent cars is 2,200 yen (tax included)/vehicle, so please let us know in advance.

Can you prepare cakes and bouquets for anniversaries (birthdays)?

【About Meals】

Is there a kitchen or refrigerator?

There are sinks and refrigerators on each deck.

Can I still have a BBQ if it rains?

Yes. Our dedicated BBQ space is covered and enclosed.

Until what time is dinner available?

5:00 pm to 9:00 pm (grill hours 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm)

Soft drinks/ 3pm to 10pm and 8am to 11pm Alcohol/ 5pm to 10pm

What do I need to prepare for the BBQ?

Barbecue grills, tongs, cutting boards, knives, kitchen shears, and cutlery are available here. *If you plan to stay without meals, please include the grill rental option (4,400 yen).

What should I do with the garbage from BBQs, etc.?

We will dispose of the garbage from BBQs and overnight stays, so just separate it and put it out in the designated area.

I have an allergy, can you accommodate me?

We can provide food substitutions. Please note that we do not have special equipment for this purpose, so please bring your medications with you just in case.

【Payment and Cancellation Fees】

Do you accept credit cards and electronic money?

The following are accepted for on-site payment

Credit cards:
VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Dainers Club, DISCOVER, Union Pay, UC Card

Transportation system IC:
Kitaca, Suica, PASMO, toica, manaca, ICOCA, SUGOCA, nimoca, Hayakaken

iD, WAON, nanaco, Rakuten Edy, QUIC Pay, ApplePay, GooglePay, JCB PREMO, J-Debit, PayPay, ALIPAY, au Pay

How many days in advance will a cancellation fee be charged?

The following fees will be charged for cancellations requested by customers.
・7 days prior or less : 100% of total amount of reservation.
・15 days to 8 days prior to the date of the reservation: 50% of the total amount of reservation.

Are there any cases where cancellation fees are not charged?

We do not charge a cancellation fee if we decide to close the facility. We do not provide compensation to the customer. *If the customer cancels the reservation before our decision is made, the normal cancellation fee will be charged.

When will the fee be paid?

For on-site payment, payment will be made at check-out.


*If you are in sales, please contact us by email. Telephone sales are not accepted.

Safety Measures Against Infectious
Disease Caused by the Covid-19

In order to ensure the health and safety of our customers,
we have implemented the following measures to prevent infection caused by Covid-19.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation.